Steph has been a tremendous help in coaching me back to my desired weight and an ongoing  healthy life style. I like that she doesn’t have one set program for her clients. She took time with me one on one to fine tune a program that would work for me.  As I  moved along on my journey she kept in touch with me and encouraged me on my progress and gave suggestions to move me when I hit plateaus. 
Steph has a wealth of information on nutrition. Some information comes through conversing, some from take home print outs or emails. I learned so much from her.

Even though my regular meeting times with her have ended, I know that anytime I become discouraged, get off track or need healthy advise- she is just a phone call away. The fees for Steph’s expertise in coaching me were well worth it.

Coleen – Age 67

If I say,  “I hardly ate but could never lose weight!”  does that sound familiar? Yep, I bet it does. Work 12 hrs on some yogurt and a salad for dinner. So, before I met Steph I became a widow. I was suddenly sitting a lot, eating processed foods, BAM I gained 50 pounds in a year. Enough! Here is the GREAT news. I started on this program, and the first week I lost 9 pounds!!! About 20 in a few weeks. In 4 months I lost 40 pounds!!! A couple years later I  have maintained it. I now just follow a low carb sensible routine. I cheat when I want. But most other plans the weight comes back. Not true here. And Steph is like making a date to see a pal. So easy going, yet helpful when I would get stuck or frustrated. She always has new ideas. At my age, 69, my joints sure thank me. My kids are happy, less worried. Good luck on your new journey. You won’t be sorry.

Jann – Age 69

I’ve worked with Stephany for the past few years to lose weight and eat healthier. She is amazing and is my biggest cheerleader. She is understanding and listens to my struggles with no judgment even when I have a set-back. . We work together on my issues and come up with a plan.  She is always available and has become a friend. I enjoy learning new things about food and learning how to cook healthier. I’ve lost weight and am eating healthier….. I still have a a ways to go but know that Steph will be right there walking with me in this journey.

Ellen – Age 57