Programs We Offer

Programs for Better Health

All programs are designed to help improve your health and change your lifestyle so let’s not call it a diet (it has the word die in it and eating should give life.) We teach you the secrets to losing weight and how to keep it off for good.


  • Extreme Weight Loss & Hormonal Balancing

By taking a homeopathic supplement and following a well balanced diet your body will use its own fat for food. Men lose between 1-2 pounds a day and women ½-1 pound a day. Plan includes manual, journal, cookbook, 6 group meetings and 4 one on one sessions with a professional weight loss coach. You are guaranteed to lose weight.           Price $425

Add on additional one on one consulting   $50/1/2 hour          $100/hour

  • A New You

Not only the perfect add on for additional weight weight loss, but also a program to lose weight and understand your body and its nutritional capacity. This 12 week course includes origonal recipes, menus, measuring charts and weekly check ins to keep you on the road to success. You will learn what foods take off your unwanted pounds and for you uniquely what puts them on.  One on one counseling provides not only accountability but help where you need it.           Price $525

 Add on additional one on one consulting   $50/1/2 hour          $100/hour

  • Nutritional Therapy

Program includes 8  sessions and group meetings. Scientifically based with paperwork done online with “Clinic Toolkit”. Client will be assessed in several ways health, antioxidant, nutritional deficiencies, and will learn how this has affected their overall health. They will receive a diet planning session with top food choices and preparation ideas. Obstacles and struggles will be identified along with symptoms and reassessment. This is an invaluable program toward better health using nutrition to help your body heal itself.

Price $625       If purchased as an add on with another program           $450

  • Diet Downsize

Brand new program at Free 2 B ME on this plan you do keep track of what you eat but you do not count calories. Plan includes weekly check-ins, one on one weight loss coaching, meals guides and journal. Price is based on how many pounds you would like to lose and we make sure you lose them. Non-refundable start-up fee $300 + additional loss


  • Clinical Weight-Loss

One on one weekly appointments, you choose ½ hour or an hour. Weekly weigh in/measuring, and pictures taken 2 times a month. Missed appointments will be charged. This program is a must if you just cannot seem to keep the weight off. Includes goal setting, meal planning, shopping planning, pantry purges, and much more. Working with a weight loss practitioner, you get to the bottom of your problem and start reaching your goals.

Initial start up $200 – hourly sessions $100 ½ hour $50


  • Sports & Exercise Nutritional Advising

Preparing your body nutritional for an event is just as important as preparing physically. Through this plan we will start 3 months before your event so that you glycogen levels stay full for the optimal physical results. You will learn what to eat and when to eat. Eating to cut muscle tone or cut 20 or 30% of your body fat, what to eat before and after you work out and how to carb load. What is a good carb? You learn how to eat the week of your event, night before and day of event all while learning which foods are personally the best for you. Weekly appointments begin the journey, tapering to biweekly. You will be given food menus to choose from and will understand why your body needs what it does to properly function. One on one personal coaching.

Non-refundable start-up fee $300 +session cost